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Group Training & Programs


Group Training

Triumph offers a wide variety of classes for wrestlers of weights, ages, and skill level.  Our goal is to have an opening for all committed wrestlers no matter size or skill.  If you are a Kindergarden Tot or a NJSIAA State Champion, we have the program you requre to get better.


         -  Level of Intensity

Advanced High School

This class is for current varsity high school wrestlers. The class has a high level of technique and intensity. High level middle school wrestlers are allowed, pending coaches approval.

Middle School/Novice hs

This class is for kids 8th Grade-high school. It runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30-9pm.

Advanced Middle School

This class is invitation only. It takes place on Sundays 9:30-10:30am starting in March. It is a high level and very high intensity class for advanced wrestlers grades 6-8. If you are not in these grades you can petition to get in. Space is limited.

Youth Classes

Our youth classes are broken up based on weight. There are 2 classes with 65lbs being the cutoff. These classes have medium level of technique and intensity. 

Middle School

This Class a Medium to High Level for technique and intensity. This class is for kids in grades 6-8. The class starts in March and runs through the season.  

Open Mat

Open mat is open for all members. It is a technique only class designed to answer current members' questions. Please bring a partner. This Class will start in March and it will run Fridays 4-4:50pm.


These programs are run by 2 great instructors. The Tot program is run by recent Cornell wrestler graduate Billy George. Billy has a great love for the sport, and his energy is contagious. Coach Bryan Heller runs our Freestyle program. Bryan, who was a NCAA D1 National Qualifer at Penn State is now the head coach at Rumson Fair Haven. Coach Heller has tremendous knowledge and passion for Freestyle wrestling.

Tot Program

The Tot program was implemented just this year. This program is for beginners age 4-6 years old. We teach the basic fundamentals of wrestling, and make it fun for the kids. The class starts up April 1st Every Saturday 10-1050am. Maxed at 20 kids.

Freestyle Program

Our freestyle program runs from late March till end of June.  It teaches the fundamentals and also advanced freestyle technique. This program is seperate from the club membership. If you are interested please inquire. Mondays and Fridays 430-6pm.


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